Maxitrol Introduces New EXA Series


Maxitrol recently intro­duced a new EXA Series. The E42, E52, E62 modulating valves are designed to have a linear relationship between the control signal and the flow rate. The flow rate is optimized over a 5:1 turndown. On atmos­pheric low-pressure appli­ca­tions, the E42, E52, E62 Series has more consistent gain allowing the controller’s entire control signal range to be used and tuning is simplified.

The EXA Modulating Valves are a vast improvement over control valves using ball, butterfly, or poppet valves. The designs of other valves produce a parabolic flow rate charac­ter­istic that signif­i­cantly reduces the effective control signal range of the controller and can make tuning difficult. The EXA Series also features a built-in digital controller that provides a seamless interface with a process controller. For more infor­mation or to schedule a product demon­stration, please contact your Maxitrol Company Sales Representative.