The GV30C & GV30 Pressure Switch

The GV30C & GV30 Pressure Switch

Maxitrol and Mertik Maxitrol have recently developed a couple of inter­esting new products for gas appli­ances: the new GV30C mechanical thermostat and the GV30 pressure switch. Both of these products were well received at the recent HOST Milano, the world’s largest and most conse­quential trade fair dedicated to the cooking equipment, food, and coffee indus­tries.

The GV30C mechanical thermostat is designed to control the temper­ature in a gas burning appliance. When combined with a GV30 multi­func­tional control, two main burners can be operated indepen­dently with a single pilot burner.


GV30 Pressure Switch

The GV30 pressure switch closes an electrical contact when the gas reaches a set pressure. When used on the main gas or pilot gas outlet, the GV30 pressure switch and an LED will show whether the burner is on or off.  On oil pumps, for example, a normally closed relay can be wired in parallel with an LED (e.g. If pilot gas is flowing, the relay will interrupt the power supply to the pump).